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About 2Thunder

2Thunder Consulting is a specialized firm providing an excellent range of supports that can contribute to organizational wellness or personal healing. It is significant that the name, "2Thunder" was arrived at through a spiritual experience. C.E.O. and President Dennis Whitford was gifted with this name by an indigenous elder who was inspired by his seeing two lightning bolts striking the ground at the same time when he was travelling to his home in southern Alberta during a severe summer storm. As the company name was derived from a spiritual and sacred experience, all of the company's activities must carried out and governed with the highest degree of honesty and integrity.

Company owner Dennis Whitford completed the Master of Social Work program at the University of Calgary in 1994. He is a registered Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers. Dennis worked for 27 years in Human Services with the Government of Alberta. He started at an entry level position and became Senior Manager and Senior Advisory Aboriginal Services. During Dennis's numerous years working in this field he has amassed an extensive list of contacts that can be used to ensure that your needs are served. He is an accomplished reasearcher, conference speaker, community development worker and community organizer.

Dennis's experience both on and off the job along with his continued formal training has placed him in a unique position to provide facilitation, counselling, and traditional healing to organizations and individuals who wish to apply or experience these supports. He has and continues to provide his time to local projects and initiatives that support and demonstrate his relationship with both the Aboriginal Community and the Community at large.

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