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Life Giving Forces

Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

AI is a collaborative and strength based approach to seeking, identifying and enhancing life giving forces that are present when a system is performing optimally in human, economic and organizational terms. It is a journey during which profound knowledge of a human system at its moments of wonder is uncovered and used to co-construct the best and highest future of that system (J. Magruder et al in Appreciative Inquiry, Change at the Speed of Imagination).

Strength Based Solutions: The AI process is intended to provide what you want more of, as an individual or organization. AI processes include questions similar to: "When have our customers been really happy and satisfied with our company? What are we doing that we can learn from and build on? What images and ideas come from these success stories that lead us in new ways to increase customer satisfaction?" (Jane Magruder)

Conflict Resolution and Mediation: Although AI is not strictly a conflict resolution or mediation method, the AI process contributes to group and individual insights that may reduce or eliminate the need to hire an expensive conflict resolution or mediation specialist/contractor.

Team Building: The AI philosophy and processes are inherently geared toward team building. AI will provide strategies that are "constructed with relationships. Without relationships there would be little meaning . . . . Through creative care for relationships, the destructive potentials of conflict may be reduced or transformed". (The Taos Institute in Appreciative Inquiry, Change at the Speed of Imagination).

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